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About Us

Indoor Lighting Perfected
Light by Elux is a modern take on traditional Japanese minimalism. Truly the apex of functional aesthetics. The tone and style are that of simplicity and elegance - striving to cut away all the unnecessary and leave only minimalistic colour and light.
Starting with only a crystal clear vision of light & colour perfection, Light by Elux was founded.
All this combined with exceptional Canadian manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge technology has allowed for rapid growth and critical acclaim.
Light by Elux has achieved global recognition and distinction as a premium brand offering exceptional products to customers Worldwide. Premium Light by Elux lamps have now been sold to 33 countries on 6 continents and counting.
Yugen  (幽玄) - A profound awareness of the universe that triggers a deep emotional response - That which is beyond what can be said
"To watch the sun sink beyond a flower clad hill."
"To wander in a huge forest without thought of return"
"Subtle shadows of bamboo on bamboo"
Elux Design Team at Work